Photo Gallery

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The Statesman


Got milk?

Man with his pyrotechnics

Damn, this rock's HEAVY!

The Boss

Nap Attack!

R/C Sailplane

Sutton's Bluff - 10/1977

Elephant's Rocks - 10/1977

Protecting the nation, and darned happy to do it!

lean, mean, fightin' machine

Sailing in Kaneohe Bay - circa 1978

That's a Bill Clinton hat on Oth.

girl with dog

girl with blender (#1 on her Christmas wish list)

goin' cavin'

The Earth at Night

Oth and the canine mooch

Laurie - 8th Grade Graduation Dance

The Look of Arrogance

Spoopy with her computer

Eagle Nebula

Laurie with her Christmas present

Hubble Space Telescope deep field image showing distant galaxies

Koolance PC2-601BW Liquid-cooled PC Case

my latest PC case!


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