Recent, possibly boring events

(reverse chronological order)

bullet5/2/03 - Another Web Site Rehost
Now on WinSave

12/28/02 - Web Site Rehost
I dropped Comcast as the host of my web site due to their lack of support for anything other than their web-based FTP publishing client.  I purchased a site on Feature Price, a commercial web-hosting company.  In addition to easier web publishing, this site will allow me to post the weather conditions in my back yard.


11/16/02 - Old Age
I am picking up my first pair of bifocals today.  Dr. has been telling me I needed them for years.  The only consolation is that I chose a pair of frames that have magnetic clip-on sunglasses.


11/02 - Drive failures
I had not one, but two hard drive failures this month.  Needless to say I wasn't happy about this.  I no longer recommend Western Digital hard drives.  I'm returning one of them to WD in the box my new Maxtor drive came in.  This did give me an opportunity to try out the data restore capabilities of Symantec's Norton Ghost 2003.  It worked flawlessly - highly recommended!


11/02 - Cat
Spoopy, one of our 2 cats, had bladder surgery to remove a growth and a bladder stone.  She decided that I was suffering from a urinary deficiency when I was picking her up from the vet, so she peed in my lap.  Laurie got a good laugh out of it.  She's on medication and a special diet now to keep her condition under control.


10/02 - Painting
The exterior of our house has been painted for what I believe is the first time in it's 35-year history.  We're dumping the white to go with tan with dark-green accents. 

bullet9/8/02 - New Printer
My old Epson inkjet printer has been producing crappy output for a long time, so I chucked it in the trash and picked up an HP Deskjet 5550.  It produces photographic-quality printouts on high-quality paper.
bullet8/20/02 - DVD+RW
My software and MP3 archives began taking up an excessive amount of storage space, so I picked up an HP 200j DVD+RW writer.  This cut my disc collection to 1/7th of it's original size.  I was amazed to discover that I could record a 4.7 GB DVD in under 30 minutes.
bullet8/3/02 - New TV
We finally upgraded our 15-year-old 26" RCA television and retired it to the master bedroom.  In it's place, a brand-spankin' new Toshiba 34HF81 Widescreen Direct-view HDTV.


6/16/02 - Wireless Networking

I got a wireless card for my PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) so that I can connect to the wireless network where I work.  What does this mean?  It means I can send/receive e-mail and surf Lockheed's Internet from my handheld PDA via the wireless network access points that are installed throughout my company's buildings.

What good is this?  When you're at a meeting where 90% of the material has no applicability to your job, instead of sitting there with eyes glazing over you can get answers to questions or distribute information via e-mail, or just surf the web to kill time.

I also installed a combination router/wireless access point at home in order to speed up synchronizing and backing up my PDA with my home PC.  The hardware prices and ease of use of this technology are now at a point where I can heartily recommend this technology to anyone wanting to network their home PCs.


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