Some recommended sites from the World Wide Web.


News and Weather
bulletThe Philadelphia Inquirer - My primary source of news
bullet Weather Underground - Current Philadelphia, PA weather
Nuclear Devices
bulletHigh Energy Weapons Archive - A Guide to Nuclear Weapons
bulletAtomic Central - home of "Trinity and Beyond (the Atomic Bomb Movie)"
bullet BC780XLT Home Page - Homepage for the Uniden-Bearcat BC780XLT.
bullet Scanner Nuts - Home of the Scanner Nuts webring
bullet Strong Signals - Devoted to the hobby of radio monitoring
bulletSignal Intelligence - home of TrunkStar780 scanner control software
R/C Sailplanes
bullet South Jersey Silent Flyers - Marlton, NJ silent flight club
bulletNortheast Sailplane Products - Your one-stop shopping place for RC sailplanes, electrics, and accessories
Critical Thought
bulletBreaking the Chain - The truth about chain letters
bulletBreak the Chain - Stop junk e-mail and misinformation
Search Tools
bulletGoogle - general web searches
bulletAll Music Guide - everything there is to know about music
bulletMr. Cranky - Mr. Cranky savages the latest movie releases
bulletThe Gadgeteer - Reviews of numerous electronic gizmos
bulletDarwin Awards  - Commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it in really stupid ways
bulletJunk Busters - Master self-defense against privacy-invading marketing
bullet Walter Miller - hilarious white trash comedy
bullet Dreamland Resort - Everything you wanted to know about Area 51 but were afraid to ask


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