Redwing Mohawk




18:06 2 July 1956 (GMT)
6:06 3 July 1956 (local)


Eberiru (Ruby) Island, Enewetak Atoll

Test Height and Type:

300 Ft tower shot


360 kt

This UCRL thermonuclear device used a boosted "Swan" primary and "Flute" secondary. The device was 15 inches in diameter, 46.2 inches long, and weighed 1116 lb. The primary was 11.6 inches by 22.8 inches and weighed 105 lb. The yield was at the high end of the predicted range. A wide but very shallow crater was created (mostly due to pressure collapse of the porous coral soil) - 1340 feet by 8 feet.

The picture shows Mohawk several hundred microseconds after detonation. The "pimple" at right is the vaporized shot cab.



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